Life Lessons That Exercise Can Teach Your Kids

Life Lessons That Exercise Can Teach Your Kids

Parents are constantly being encouraged to get their children active with health being the oft-cited reason. The reality, however, is that there are numerous benefits that can be derived from exercises apart from health. They range from physical, social and mental. These benefits are likely to help your child all the way to their adulthood and beyond. Here are some of the benefits that play and exercise brings to your children.


Games of all variety involve strategy and this helps your child to understand that there is no benefit to instant gratification. Games also teach your child to try again when they fail, building into them the ability to wait until they achieve their goals. In life, few things come at the first try and often, the people who succeed are the ones who are able to try again and again until they succeed. Exercises and games allow your child to learn how to be patient, how to change strategy and how to keep going until they achieve their goals.

Manage Emotions

Games and exercises in our early childhood help children to learn how to regulate emotions. There are emotions such as anger or frustration that can get the better of us. When a child is playing with other children, they begin to learn how to control such feelings. When a child gets frustrated in the middle of a game, they learn how to channel oft-cited emotions in a useful way. Such skills come in handy when the child is faced with similar problems in the future. They learn how to manage them and how to channel them into useful energy that can be used productively.

Social Skills

One of the greatest skills that a child can learn is how to relate with other people. When a child is out playing with other children, they learn how to collaborate as part of a team to achieve the desired goal. They also learn how to share toys and much more. These collaborative skills are vital when the child grows up and has to function within social and professional units. Often, the difference between success and failure is determined by one’s ability to form the right connections with other people. When a child is able to identify the right social connections and be able to work within a team, that child is far more likely to succeed than one who doesn’t.


This is related to patience but is a little different. Resilience refers to the ability to keep trying without giving up. It also refers to the ability to learn and keep adjusting strategy until the goal is achieved. Adults who grow up to be resilient are more likely to achieve their goals and succeed in life. Games and exercises teach children how to keep trying until they win.

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