How Do Parents Assess Their Child's Fitness Levels?

How Do Parents Assess Their Child's Fitness Levels?

Is my child exercising enough? As more and more kids are glued to their video games and other electronic gadgets, many parents find themselves asking this question. They wonder if their kids are too sedentary and whether their kids should get active more. So, how can parents assess their child’s fitness levels? In this article, we will explain to you some simple fitness tests that you can use to assess your child’s fitness health. These fitness tests are easy and fun, so you do not have to spend time coaxing your kid to take the tests. You can even try these tests together with your kid, making it a great way to bond as a family as well. These tests are suitable for kids that are aged 5 and above.

To Test for Balance - Walk the Plank

Using a plank, have your kid walk from one end to the other end. This is to test your child’s balancing skills where he has to place one foot in front of the other as he advances, trying to stay in as straight a line as possible. If he can cross the plank without falling over, it means that your child has a good sense of balance. However, if he makes mistakes along the way, you will know that your child requires more practice to focus on maintaining balance.

To Test for Strength – Sit-ups, Pushups and Jumps

There are three phases for this. First, your child has to try to do as many sit-ups as he can do in one minute. Next, he has to do as many modified pushups, with his knees on the ground, as possible in one minute. Lastly, have your child jump as high as he can three times in a row. This is to test for your child’s strength. The more sit-ups and pushups your child can do and the higher he can jump, the stronger he is, and vice-versa. So, if you find your child struggling to do these workouts, it is an indication that he needs to do more strength training exercises to build up his strength.

To Test for Flexibility – Sit and Reach

Sit and reach is a common fitness test many use to measure one’s overall health and fitness. It is simple to do this. Have your child sit on the ground with his legs extended in front of him. He has to reach out as far as he can, without bending his legs. Repeat this three times and measure how far he is able to reach each time. The further he can reach means the more flexible he is.

To Test for Cardiovascular Strength – Running

Having cardiovascular strength is extremely important to your child. Kids who are 6 to 7 years old should be able to run around a quarter mile, whereas kids who are 8 to 9 years old should be able to run half a mile. To test for your child’s cardiovascular strength, have your child run one or two laps around a standard track and time it. Make sure that your child puts it his full effort in running to ensure that the results are accurate and reliable. The faster your child runs, the better his cardiovascular health.

If your child is struggling in any of the above fitness tests, it is time to get them to exercise and improve their overall fitness level. A great way to do so is through the use of fitness equipment. Check out Fitness Kid today! Our testimonials from loyal customers will prove why we are the best at what we do.