Instilling An Active Lifestyle In Your Children

Instilling An Active Lifestyle In Your Children

Being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and kids should start adopting exercise into their daily life when they are young so as to build the framework for an entire lifetime of healthy habits. According to statistics, most Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity they need for a healthy life.

A lack of physical activity generally leads to obesity, which is related to a multitude of problems, physically and emotionally. Obese children are at an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and many other health problems such as asthma and type 2 diabetes. Childhood obesity is also associated with low self-esteem and mental problems such as anxiety and depression. So if you want your kid to lead a healthy and normal life, read on to find out how you can instill an active lifestyle in your children.

Say No to Technology

Children these days are glued to the computer screen, the phones, the video games and all the other technology gadgets that are deeply rooted into they everyday life. Instead of moving around and playing, children these days spend hours sitting around watching TV or playing games on the electronic devices. If not corrected, this will only continue even when they are adults.

Lead by Example

As parents, it is important that you get your kids out of the couch and moving around. Entice them with outdoor play activities or bring them to the playground more often. Children view their parents as their role models. If you are lazy and lies on your couch all day, so will your kid. Get up and start incorporating physical activities into your daily life and encourage your kid to join you.

Be Encouraging

Never fat-shame your kids or let them feel sad about being overweight. Make sure they know that it is not their fault that they are overweight. Talk to them positively and encourage them more to get active. Reward them when they are behaving well will also help to reinforce good behavior and healthy habits. By being positive and encouraging, it helps build your child’s self-confidence and motivates them to want to work harder.  

Present Time!

Who doesn’t love presents? Everyone loves to get things, and this is especially so for kids. A good way to get your child to start moving would be to get them fitness related gifts. Get them a skipping rope and they will jump around whole day! Other gifts could be as simple as a football or a trapeze or a badminton.
Alternatively, you can also install an indoor playground in your home that will work perfectly to keep your children active all day. We have a plethora of products at Fitness Kid for you