How To Protect Your Children Against The Coronavirus

How To Protect Your Children Against The Coronavirus

The coronavirus is taking the world by storm – and not in a good way. With more closures and cancellations every minute – including some schools – parents are wondering what to do with their children to keep them occupied, but safe and healthy.

Your children may have already heard the term "coronavirus", but they may not have a full understanding of it. As a matter of fact, some adults – including politicians – still don't understand it. Every time you turn on the television, you hear more about it.

Rather than creating fear and panic, which is already happening with some adults, speak to your child in a manner they will understand. Be honest with them without scaring them. It's important that they comprehend the seriousness of the situation but be reassured in the knowledge that you're there for them and that you intend to protect them. To share the facts instead of fear, here's some information from the CDC.

Here are some suggestions as to how to protect your children.

The Biggest Safeguard – Handwashing

The media and other sources are talking about handwashing like it's something new. Hopefully, in your house, it's not new at all! But the correct way of washing your hands may not always be first and foremost in the mind of your child. Undoubtedly, you've heard a reference to singing "Happy Birthday" while you're washing your hands. If that's not a song that particularly excites your child, have some fun by letting them come up with their own song. Also show them the right way to wash their hands – under their nails, between their fingers, etc.

Remember that hand sanitizer alone simply doesn't cut it.

Change Your Clothes Often

Yes, this is going to mean more laundry for you, but it could also equate to a healthier child. This isn't exactly a necessity, but it's one of those things that just can't hurt. If they're still going to school, the second they get home, have them change out of those clothes and wash up thoroughly. Have them leave their shoes at the front door and not worn in the house.

Make sure, as well, that your home is as clean as possible.

Figure Out Who's at Risk

Certain family members may be more at risk than others. Anyone with a medical condition, the elderly, etc., should possibly, for the time being at least, be kept at arm’s length. No kissing and hugging for a little while, please.

In addition to keeping your kids as far away as possible from those at risk, you may want to limit their contact with everyone in general. Rather than playdates with others, participate in activities at home, for now.

Create an Exercise Routine

The whole point of your child not going out (or to school) during this outbreak is so that they will not come in contact with someone who may be carrying the virus or already have it. They're going to miss their friends and, very possibly, physical activity they would've experienced in gym class or out on the playground. Rather than having them at risk of exposure through play, a home gym can provide both entertainment and physical activity. If you want to increase their level of entertainment, join in the fun yourself.

Encourage Physical Activity with a Home Gym from Fitness Kid

To keep your child's level of physical fitness up and keep them entertained at the same time, seriously consider the purchase and installation of an indoor playground in your home. Not only will it serve to keep your children active for the better part of their day, it could be fun for the whole family.  Additionally, the body's immune system is boosted by exercise.

We, at Fitness Kid, want to be your indoor playground partner – especially in these uncertain times with the coronavirus seemingly running rampant. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer and all of our products. To see what others have to say about our equipment, check out our testimonials from loyal customers.