Top Tips To Perform Inverted Rows

Top Tips To Perform Inverted Rows

The inverted row or inverted bodyweight row is one of the most versatile, yet simple and practical exercises to do for stronger muscles. If you are a novice in pull-ups, or are already a pro at pull-ups, adding inverted rows to your daily workout is an excellent idea. This exercise is used as a stepping stone for people intending to achieve their first pull-up.

What is the Inverted Row?

The barbell row is a common exercise where you pick a barbell, bend at the waist, and keep the back straight, then pull the weight towards the chest. While this is a good exercise, doing it in the incorrect format might result in complications. Also, you might not have the barbells and plates, preventing you from doing the barbell exercises. 

Fortunately, the inverted row does not have the same complications. This exercise only requires a bar you can lean back from with your body weight. The inverted row does not put any strain on your back as compared to a barbell row and you get a great core workout at the same time.

Benefits of The Inverted Body Row

The inverted row is an excellent work out that you utilizes all your pull muscles, which include:

  • All the back muscles
  • Biceps
  • Forearms
  • Improves your grip
  • Stabilizer muscles that make the above muscles work together

How to Perform Inverted Rows

With this routine, you need to have access to indoor gym equipment.

  • Set the rings or bar to the height of your waist. The lower you set the bar, the harder your movement will be.
  • Lie face-up under the bar which should be set just above your reach from the ground.
  • Use an overhand grip to grab the bar. The grip should be a little bit wider than your shoulder width. Your palms should not face you, but away.
  • Contract your butt and abs, keeping the body in a straight line. Your shoulders, hips, legs, ears, and feet should all be aligned, similar to doing planks.
  • Pull your body up to the rings or bar until you touch the bar with your chest.
  • Lower yourself down using the proper format.

If this inverted row proves to be very difficult, just set the bar higher than your waist height. This means when you lean back, your body will not be on the ground, but at a 45-degree angle.

Tips and Tricks for Perfecting the Inverted Row

Here are a few tricks you can use for doing a perfect inverted row

  • Do not allow your butt to sag. Flex your tummy, squeeze your butt cheeks and keep your body stiff from your head to your toe.
  • Do not allow your elbows to flail. Grab the bar with your hands slightly closer together and keeping your elbows at an angle to your body, similar to doing bench-press.
  • Pull the bar towards your chest middle, not towards your belly button or throat. Keep the body in a straight line and move your arms only.
  • Pull the shoulder blades downwards and pull them back towards each other in the same movement. However, resist the tendency to shrug yours shoulders. Imagine that you are holding a pencil in between the shoulder blades.
  • Make sure you go down completely. Lower your body and ensure the arms are extended and raise your body until you touch the chest touches the bar.
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