What Parents Need To Know About PLAY

What Parents Need To Know About PLAY

It is a parents’ job to ensure their child is engaging in healthy playtime. You can do this by taking them to the park where they can interact with other children and make some new friends. Playing is vital to your child’s overall development and it should happen often. As a parent, it is your work to make your home as welcoming and as kid-friendly as possible so that your child will know to have an opportunity of inviting friends over to have a play date. There are various ways that you can use as a parent to create play opportunities for your child. This includes:

Going to Visit Another Child

Here, it is necessary that you only leave when you are certain your child is in good hands, having fun, and comfortable around the new surroundings. While the children are playing, interact, and get to know the other child’s parents because you might need to work with each other in the future.

Observe Who Your Child Likes to Play With

You can invite children from your neighborhood for a play date with your child. You should then watch and observe who your child is drawn to. This will help you devise a plan on how to make their friendship stronger, fun, and more adventurous.

Become a Member of a Play Group

A playgroup means your child will have more children to bond and build relationships with. You will also get a chance to get to know all their parents and this could be useful in the long run as you will use these relationships to help each other.

There are some few things that you should do to make your home the best environment for playing. These include things like:

  • Finding out in advance what your guests like. You can ask your child what the new friend enjoys and try to make it happen for them so that they enjoy themselves.
  • Do not share your child’s “favorite things” in the name of pleasing the guests. Give your child the opportunity to put away what is off-limits
  • Plan ahead to avoid any mishaps.

Reassurance is very important, especially when dealing with children. If they did something well, congratulate and reward them if need be. This will boost their confidence and make them want to do good again too.  As for aggressive behavior during playtime, you should be able to calmly redirect such behavior to more productive and positive activity. Make sure all the children during playtime at your house and well-fed and warm to reduce instances of irritability.

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