What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Playtime?

What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Playtime?

Developing children need all the playtime they can get. Helping your child get exercise early in life creates lifelong memories and a good foundation. Exercise prepares the child and creates enthusiasm for sports and keeping fit throughout his/her life. There are several great benefits of indoor playtime:

Physical Benefits

Physical play at the initial stages of a child’s development helps them to improve their physical mobility, motor skills, and muscle control. Motor skills include their hand and eye co-ordination. Physical play is crucial in helping a child improve their flexibility, balance, agility, and full-body strength.

Physical exercise also does several things for a child:

  • Strengthens the heart
  • Helps to keep arteries and veins clear
  • Strengthens the lungs
  • Strengthens bones
  • Controls weight

Emotional and Mental Benefits

Research shows that play is crucial for healthy emotional growth. Emotional growth in children gives them a sense of environmental control, a greater sense of joy, contentment and awareness, and more sensitivity where others are concerned.

Physical activity improves a child’s health by reducing depression, anxiety, improves their moods and helps them seep better. Physical activities also help a child gain more confidence and higher self-esteem.

Cognitive Benefits

Play is important for a growing child’s brain health. It allows them to be more creative, better verbal reasoning and improved judgment and self-discovery. Their skills of creativity, manipulative, and thought processes are improved by play.

Very simple exercises that focus on coordination improve functions of the brain and improve coordination. Development of the nervous system continues throughout a person’s lifetime, but this growth mostly happens in the first 5 years of a child’s life.

Cultural Benefits

Although exercises for children come in many different forms, there are several cultural similarities. These similarities help a child to learn basic cultural and social graces of interacting with others and help to improve skills on social cooperation.

Children, while playing with others, get to learn about the value of cooperation with teammates and trust. They learn how to make simple decisions and how to forge relationships while playing with others. What better way than with friends coming over and some indoor playtime?


Indoor home gyms are a perfect way to keep a watchful eye on your child during play. In the park or other public play areas, there is always the danger of getting hurt. The public play areas do not have any padding and children often scrape their knees. Indoor playtime is much safer, with protective mats to protect against accidental falls.

During winter, public parks are too cold for your child. Since your child needs the exercise, an indoor gym works perfectly by killing two birds with the same stone: keeping your child fit and out of the harsh weather.

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