Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Rope and Curved Ladders

Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Rope and Curved Ladders

Rope and curved ladders are part of the Fitness Kid Indoor Gym accessories that are designed to raise the quality of your child’s playtime. Play is critical for both physical and mental growth and also in the development of movement and coordination. Our indoor gyms can also be used by adults for simple workouts, saving you thousands of dollars in expensive gym equipment.

Why Play is Important

When children play, they activate numerous muscles in their body which are strengthened in the process. Unlike video games and other activities where the child is inert, play helps keep them physically fit, burn calories and reduce the likelihood of future medical conditions. When playing with other children, your child also learns valuable social skills including how to share, co-operate, and work in groups to achieve certain objectives. This way, he or she is likely to grow into a well-adjusted adult with adequate social skills to help him or her through life.

Rope Ladder

The rope ladder is similar to what your child might have seen on a pirate ship movie and this particular accessory is likely to be great fun for your child. The rope ladder helps your child to build upper body strength including the arm muscles. It also is great for helping a growing child build arm, feet, and eye coordination. These are vital skills especially if your child is into sports such as baseball or basketball.

Curved Ladder

The curved ladder is located on the side of the indoor gym and is designed as a series of curves. For a child to successfully climb to the top, he or she has to overcome obstacles. This added level of difficulty in using the curved ladder helps your child to develop flexibility and coordination. Like all our play accessories, the curved ladder is strong and the surface is coated with a special material that enhances grip. This way, the chances of your child slipping and falling while at play are minimal.

Why Fitness Kid?

Fitness Kid is a leading supplier of indoor play accessories. Our play equipment and accessories are easy to set up and can be installed in houses with limited space. Best of all, the play equipment is so strong that they are likely to last and be passed down to other siblings down the line. Fitness Kid makes the shopping experience easy and safe. Your personal data is safe from hackers thanks to our state-of-the-art encryption and we promise not to share it with anyone. You also have a variety of ways to pay for the items which means that you can pay with whatever method that works best for you. Once you pay for the item, we promise to deliver it to you on time and in great condition.

If you would like more information about rope and curved ladders, get in touch with our sales representatives on or call 833-FIT-KIDS.