Why Should Young Children Start Exercising At An Early Age?

Why Should Young Children Start Exercising At An Early Age?

For a long time, people thought children should not exercise until they are in their teens. This is not the case as new studies have shown that exercising from an early age can be beneficial to children. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that rate of children who were obese has drastically risen over the years, from 7% in 1980 to a staggering 18% in 2012. These alarming figures have prompted parents around America to encourage their children to exercise from an early age.

By encouraging young children to exercise, we can prevent health issues such as broken bones, diabetes and psychological problems such as depression. Discussed below are further reasons why children should start exercising at an early age:

Prevents Diseases

Obesity causes a myriad of diseases and health problems including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and many types of Cancer. An obese child is at a greater risk of developing the above mentioned diseases than a child with a normal weight for his age. Encouraging your child to live a healthy lifestyle by modifying their diet to include healthier and more nutritious options, as well as encouraging them to exercise, goes a long way in decreasing their chances of being affected by such life-changing diseases.

Develops Good Habits

According to renowned author James Clear, the body takes roughly 66 days to take up a behavior as automatic. If you encourage, require and promote healthy living and exercise in your children from a young age, they will grow into the habit of exercising and carry on with it even when they get older.

Increases Happiness and Reduces Stress

It is no secret that exercise helps improve people’s moods by releasing endorphins which leave you feeling more relaxed and happier. Kids might not be as stressed as adults but most of them might be battling depression and unhappiness. The best way to help improve their emotional and mental state is by simply encouraging them to exercise more. Children feel more encouraged when you involve yourself in their activities. Therefore, device new ways of getting involved and this will help them change their perception about exercising.

Promotes Good Sleeping Patterns

A study performed by The National Sleep Foundation stated that an individual who gets at least 150 minutes of exercise a week had a 65% improvement in sleep quality. Regular exercise helps younger children build a regular sleeping pattern even as they engage in their busy lives, juggling school, friends and extracurricular activities. 

Builds Healthy Muscles and Bones

Strong bones are made by engaging in weight-bearing activities that cause new bone tissue to form hence building muscle and making bones stronger. Activities such as playing baseball or basketball, or walking improve your leg’s bone and muscle strength as they require your legs to carry your whole body's weight. When a child starts participating in such high intensity sports from a young age, their bodies get adapted to the activity and build bone strength that will help them in progressive workouts later on in their lives.

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