Why Should Parents And Children Enjoy Playtime Together?

Why Should Parents And Children Enjoy Playtime Together?

It is a well-known fact that children need to play. Some parents have the notion that children should only play with other children, either siblings or friends. Parents need to play with their children as it's a great way to bond with one's child. For children ages 3- 10, it is essential that parents and children enjoy plenty of playtime together. Here are some reasons why:

Movement Skills Development

When children play, they develop their movement skills. When kids play, they learn reflexes and movement control. They develop gross and fine motor skills; increase their flexibility and their balancing skills. Movement is age-based, so as parents and children enjoy playtime together, the child gains essential skills crucial to their development.

You Provide A Role Model

Playing with your child demonstrates the importance of play, and that you are never too old to play. When you show your children you value play and physical activities, you teach them skills such as effort and sportsmanship. Children learn by imitation and they copy what you do. Be a good role model.

You Set Them Up For A Healthy Lifestyle

Once you start your children on the physical activity path, you set them up for a healthy and active lifestyle. In adulthood, they are likely to enjoy better lifelong physical health, which translates to better emotional and mental health.

You Set them Up For Better Academic Performance

Research cites that there is a correlation between play and good grades. The more a child plays the better focus they have in school. Play allows children to develop their problem-solving skills, critical thinking and imagination skills. As the adage goes, ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’


If parents play with their children and make it fun, they create lifelong bonds. Most adults who played with their parents as children are closer with their parents. If parents and children enjoy playtime together, chances are they will also do the same with their children. Playtime is catch-up time, where parent and child catch up, mainly if the parent works during the week. Make weekends playtime for your children, then bond you forge will last well into adulthood.

You Bring A New Perspective To Play

A parent playing with a child brings a new and mature perspective for the child. The child is also able to give structure to any social interactions, is also able to make better judgments and decisions.

You Remind Yourself To Be Young Again

Once we grow up and the responsibilities of life set in, we forget the joys of being young. Contrary to popular belief, you are never too old to play. Playtime with children reminds you how to enjoy life and relieve stress after a long day or week at work. Play increases serotonin and reduces blood cortisol. If parent and children enjoy playtime together, it is excellent therapy for all involved.

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