Home Gym And Fun Indoor Physical Activities For Kids

Home Gym And Fun Indoor Physical Activities For Kids

Amidst the COVID-19 situation, we are all advised to stay at home at much as possible and to practice social distancing. This also means that our kids will not be able to go to amusement parks or head to the nearest playground to play with their friends. As such, I have come up with several home gym and fun indoor physical activities for your kids. These activities are fun and interesting, making sure your kids can have a blast even at home!


Dancing is a perfect exercise to get your heart pumping and body sweating. To make it fun for your kid, play their favorite song coupled with a dance video. You can find tons of fitness dance routines on Youtube. This is a great way to get your child jumping around. You can also dance together with your child, making it a nice way to bond as a family as well.

Fun Workouts At Home

No, you do not need any equipment to exercise. All you need is a little space in your living room or in your yard to get your body moving. Simple exercises such as squats, lunges, jumping jacks etc. will get your body sweating within minutes. However, not everyone will like this form of exercise. Therefore, you can spice things up by incorporating fun equipment into your exercise regime. Trapeze, swing, bungee cord or gymnastic rings are some examples that you can add to your exercise regime. Kids love hanging on gymnastic rings or playing on the trapeze.

Indoor Playground

Can’t go to the nearest playground? Easy, just install one at home! This way, your kid can play whenever he or she wants. Indoor playground is an excellent way as it not only helps your kid to get active, it also makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your kid. At Fitness Kid, we have a wide variety of indoor playgrounds that you can choose from. These playgrounds are built to last and is extremely easy to modify and/or set up. It will fit perfectly in nearly any child’s room.

Xbox/ Wii Games

Kids today are constantly glued to their video games or cartoon shows. In this increasingly digitalized world, we find lesser and lesser kids running around and playing. They are always on the couch or the bed, staring into their electronic devices. Parents try all sort of methods to get them interested in getting active, but kids just prefer to play with their electronic gadgets instead. So, why not combine both? Xbox and Wii games are the perfect example of combining both games and getting active. By making kids play active movement video games, it gets them moving and makes the process fun as well. It is the perfect way to turn screen time into exercise. So, if you do not mind spending the extra money, consider getting a Xbox or Wii for your kid.