How To Transform Your Kid's Room Into An Indoor Playground

How To Transform Your Kid's Room Into An Indoor Playground

Many parents decorate a child’s room long before the child is born. There are so many design ideas that leave parents spoilt for choice. One of the most amazing ideas is to have an indoor playground! What better gift to give your child than space where he/she can play safely all day?

An indoor playground certainly comes in handy during bad weather such as rain or snow, when no one wants to get wet or too cold. Indoor home gyms are common in Eastern Europe and Russia where most people, including children, are very sporty. This type of equipment, however, is becoming increasingly common in the United States. There are different things to consider on how to transform your child’s room into an exciting space that's full of adventure:

Create Some Space

If your child’s room does not have much space and you are worried about space for an indoor playground, then worry no more. An indoor home gym often takes up very minimal space, and mostly you will need just a square meter.

The rope ladder is one of the most versatile indoor playground equipment. It is one of the most functional and simplest equipment and is common in most children’s indoor home gyms. Some advantages of the rope ladder include its practicality, compactness, reliability, and safety. Activity on the rope ladder for children up to five years improves their muscles, improves flexibility, and improves cognitive ability.

Safety Measures

Getting your child an indoor home gym is all about fun, but also safety. Ensure that the gym equipment you purchase is of the highest quality and is able to handle your child's weight. It would be unfortunate if the equipment buckled under your child’s or his or her playmates' weight. Make sure the products are kiddie-approved and can handle even a grown up’s weight in case you need to teach your child how to perform some exercises correctly.

Proper Tools

Safety comes first when your child is involved. You have bought the indoor gym equipment. What next? Assembling the equipment needs a keen eye and a thorough understanding of the product. It is extremely important that you read the instructions with care, making sure you comply with all safety requirements prior to installation.

Installation of the indoor playground set must be carried out by no less than two adults. No special skills are required, but you need some tools such as:

  • Allen Key (comes with the set)
  • Hex-nut wrench (comes with the set)
  • Face wrench (comes with the set)
  • Plumb line or a thin rope with a load attached on one end (does not come with set)
  • A level gauge measuring 3’ (does not come with set)
  • Step-ladder measuring 5’ ( does not come with set)

Protect Your Ceiling

Protect your ceiling by using any furniture board, which must be inserted between the pedestals of the set and the ceiling surface. These boards are available in any home improvement store.

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