Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Gym Rings And Trapeze

Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Gym Rings And Trapeze

Today, more children are overweight than ever before. To help keep their weight in check, parents should encourage them to adopt an active lifestyle both indoors and outdoors. In addition to bringing one's children to outdoor parks, parents can also consider installing an indoor home gym for kids. These indoor playground sets can provide your little ones with hours of entertainment and even exercise. If you have already purchased one from Fitness Kid and are looking to enhance its features, you have come to the right place. In this product spotlight, we will be featuring attachments such as gym rings and trapezes. Your kids can use them to increase their arm strength, as well as feel like a real athlete!

What are the Gym Rings?

Gym rings are an apparatus that many gymnasts use to increase their upper body strength. The apparatus typically consists of two rings that hang freely from a solid frame. While standard gym rings are supported by straps, Fitness Kid's gym rings are supported by kid-friendly ropes. To use the rings, the child simply grips one ring with each hand and then control the movement of the rings and his or her body movements. The child can swing back and forth; side to side; perform a dead hang (a simple exercise that involves hanging from the rings while staying still), or even try to pull themselves up.

Why Should You Install Gym Rings?

With adult supervision, allowing one's child to play with gym rings is a fun, dynamic, and safe way for them to develop fundamental grip strength. Because of how these rings are constructed, parents do not have to worry about any extremities getting stuck or caught in awkward positions. The child has the freedom to explore various movements, strengthen the body, and improve his or her overall coordination through play.

Introducing Trapezes

Another item that's on the list is our trapeze! It features a horizontal bar that hangs from two ropes and can be used as a swing. Now, we have just barely scratched the surface. Trapezes are perfect for kids to master their spatial awareness and coordination while simultaneously engaging their core and upper body muscles. Your kids can engage different parts of their upper body because of the various grip options that trapezes offer.

Spatial awareness is important to develop at a young age because they are the basic skills that many sports require from children. In addition to athletic achievement, these skills can help boost the confidence and self-esteem of children as well. With that in mind, below is a basic gauge of what children can do with trapezes according to their age groups:

  • The child should be able to use the trapeze unassisted by the age of five.
  • The child should be able to hang upside down on the trapeze and then lift themselves up to a seated position again by the age of eight.

Don't worry if your child can't perform these movements because everyone learns at their own pace. Regardless of how your children play, you should always supervise them while they are using the gym rings or trapeze. Make sure that you also place a gym mat under the indoor playground set for extra safety.

If you are looking to get a trapeze or gym ring, look no further than Fitness Kid. Feel free to browse through our inventory today.