Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Horizontal Bars and Ladders

Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Horizontal Bars and Ladders

Horizontal bars and ladders are part of our children gym kit that gives children hours of continuous entertainment. There are numerous benefits to physical movement and a child who plays often is likely to grow up strong and healthy. Here is everything you need to know about the horizontal bars and ladders.

Why an Indoor Playing Kit?

While many parents understand the benefit their children derive from play, it is not always easy to actualize it. Children require adult supervision when playing outside and it is not sometimes possible to get the time to do so. Furthermore, there are seasons when it becomes hard to play outside such as during winter or during rainy spells. For these and more reasons, an indoor playing set makes a lot of sense. As long as the kids are playing inside the house, they only need an occasional checkup. The weather conditions are also unlikely to affect them as they play indoors.

Horizontal Bars

Horizontal bars are set up across the playing set and are anchored on the mainframe of the structure. They are designed to be strong and your child can grip the surface with little chance of slipping. Children and even adults can do pull-ups on the horizontal bar, helping them acquire vital upper body strength. The horizontal bars also help them to develop arm muscles. All of these are important during growth and can be especially useful for a child who is an athlete or who plays sports such as baseball, basketball among others.


There are different kinds of ladders on the set and children get to play all sorts of different games with each type of ladder. The horizontal ladder helps in building arm muscles in both children and adults. It runs across horizontally at the top of the playing set and can alternatively be used for pull up exercises. Like the horizontal bars, it is strong and the surface will not allow your child’s grip to slip.

Why Fitness Kid Indoor Gym Set

Fitness Kid stocks a wide variety of children play items and accessories. We sell safe and high-quality playing sets that are likely to last for a long time. This means these can be passed down to younger siblings who can derive the same benefits from them as their older siblings. We also ensure that you can easily purchase these items in our online store. It is designed to make the purchase process easy and we accept most modes of payment including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Best of all, you can shop in peace knowing that our online shop is protected by the latest encryption technology to keep your data safe. Once you buy an item, we will ensure fast and safe delivery to any part of the United States. This way, your child will be playing with our play accessories in no time.

If you would like more information about the horizontal bars and ladders, get in touch with our sales representatives on or call 833-FIT-KIDS.