Indoor Activities Promote Fitness For Toddlers

Indoor Activities Promote Fitness For Toddlers

Toddlers and preschoolers are an active bunch. Today, kids being a digital generation, parents worry whether their children are getting enough exercise.  Small children have high levels of energy that need to be expended. For kids to grow healthy and strong, they need to be active for at least 90 minutes a day.

Parents need to find ways to promote fitness for their toddlers. Ensure you make time for both indoor and outdoor playtimes. If you feel like you are short on ideas when it comes to toddler activities, take a look at some of the activities you can do at home to ensure your child stays engaged and active.

Obstacle Course

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, kids are being forced to remain indoors for long periods of time. This can make them irritable. To keep your kids engaged and active, get creative and build a toddler- appropriate obstacle course. Set items where they can climb over, followed by a crawl, and then circle around before they dash through a doorway.

Instead of making one yourself, you can buy a kids’ indoor home playground/ gym which is not only affordable but safe. These home gyms for kids are designed to help your growing kids to learn how to move skillfully and quickly. They also promote your child’s physical and mental harmony as well as build self-reliance and develop fine motor skills.

Imitate Animals

Make your kids imitate different types of animals. As they get on their knees, move and stretch like animals, the whole body becomes active. They can walk in all fours, roll on their backs, arch their backs and hop around.

Build A Tower

You need a supply of stackable objects such as containers with lids or blocks. Work together with your child to build a tower and challenge him or her to go as high as they can. This activity teaches a child to be strategic before they make their next move. After the tower is complete, he or she can enjoy knocking it down.

Tossing Balls in A Basket

For this activity, you need to buy a basketball board and hoop designed for kids. Use rubber or foam balls and have your toddler toss them in the basketball hoop. Caution your kids from biting into the foam balls. Do not use small balls that could fit in your child’s mouth to avoid swallowing.

Other activity ideas that require your toddler to use major muscles in the body include:

  • Musical hide and seek
  • Hitting balloons
  • Follow the leader game
  • Catching feathers
  • Snake dance

Why Physical Play For Your Toddler Is Important

Children who are active tend to have fewer behavioral problems, longer attention spans and tend to do better in school. Keeping your child active also helps him or her to:

  • Improve sleep
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Build confidence

Lack of exercise or not enough physical activity can lead to several health issues for toddlers. Research shows that children who are active while growing up are less likely to get sick and tend to have fewer chronic health issues such as depression and diabetes.