Keeping Children Busy During Rainy Days

Keeping Children Busy During Rainy Days

Children are full of energy and they need to dispense some of that energy outside.  However, that is not always possible especially during rainy days. If the rains are not heavy, parents allow their kids to do a little of puddle hopping. Though, this is not advisable if the rain pairs with cold. You don’t want your kids to get sick. So, what do you do when your kids need to remain indoors during rainy days?

There are lots of indoor activities that children can do to keep them active and burn off energy. Some of the indoor energy-burning ideas include:

Scavenger Hunt

Have your kids go around the house looking for stuff that you agree on. For example, you can have your kids find everything that is a particular shape, let’s say square. This idea is great for preschoolers as you can help them learn colors and shapes.  Lay down different colored papers and have the kids find objects of the same color and place them on top of the paper. The one who finds the most objects wins!

Obstacle Course

Recreate the outdoor playground by creating an indoor obstacle course. This idea is great for both toddlers and older kids. Place some blankets on the floor and have them crawl under them. Place different safe objects in the room and have them hop and run in circles around them. To make the obstacle course more challenging, you can introduce the curve ladder, and have the kids climb to a safe place.

Play With Balloons

Parents are advised to let their kids play with balloons rather than balls when they are indoors to prevent injuries and breakages. Play with your kids their favorite ball game whether it is soccer, volleyball, or baseball. Get a basket board and hoop and have them compete against each other in a basketball playoff.

Dance Party

If you suggest several indoor activities and your kids don’t seem to like them, simply start a dance party. Just put on their favorite music and start dancing. Soon enough they will join you. You can also introduce the ‘follow the leader’ game into the dance and have them follow your moves. This idea is great especially if you are looking to burn off your kids’ energy and get them to retire to bed early.

Reenact Favorite Story Books

Bring out all your kids’ favorite storybooks. Have them choose the one they would like you to reenact.  To make it more interesting, have you kids rummage in their closets for costumes that fit the theme of the story. Find your own props to bring the story to life, including toys. After settling down, do the final performance and allow the kids to play different characters found in the story.

Bake Delicious Treats

Children love it when they are involved in the kitchen. For this idea to work, you need to allow them to make a mess in your kitchen. Do simple recipes like baking cupcakes or cookies. This idea is not only fun but also allows the kids to have a sense of achievement after they create something.