Introducing The Ring Fly Exercise

Introducing The Ring Fly Exercise

Some exercises work only one set of muscle. If you are looking for simple tasks that work the entire upper-body muscles, the ring fly is the perfect exercise. The ring fly exercise is a powerful exercise that works the upper body muscles, including the chest and shoulders via the use of gymnastic rings. The ring fly exercise is also beneficial for the core muscles and biceps. The beauty of this exercise is that a beginner can perform it. Simply increase its intensity as you become fitter and stronger.

How to Perform the Ring Fly Exercise

The ring fly is a relatively straightforward exercise to do. Here is how to do it:

  • Stand on a stable platform or the floor and firmly grasp a pair of gymnastic rings in each hand. Get into a push-up position, body at a 45-degree angle.
  • Start the fly movement by keeping your body straight, legs fully extended and arms straightened in front of you.
  • Lower your torso to the floor and flare your arms out to the sides; keep elbows slightly bent. Perform the movement slowly and in a controlled manner to avoid injury.
  • Lower your body as far as you can and pause momentarily at the bottom.
  • Now squeeze your arms together in slow and controlled movements to take you back to the starting position. 
  • It is important to note that you must keep the core abdominal muscles tense during the entire exercise.

Ring Fly Guide

If you want to have well-defined shoulder, back, abdominal, and bicep muscles, the ring fly exercise is the perfect exercise. It strengthens your upper body by use of gymnastic rings, which you slowly arc your arms to your sides, and all the while maintaining static at the elbows. The exercise gives you a good stretch in your chest muscles if you do it properly in controlled movements. Fast and uncontrolled movements will do nothing for the muscles, and you may end up injuring yourself.

Advanced Ring Fly

If you want better results from the ring fly exercise, set the rings closer to the ground. The closer the rings are to the floor, the tougher the exercise becomes. The ring height is in equal measure to your fitness levels and strength. 

Lower your chest closer to the floor as you become stronger. When you cannot get any closer to the ground, increase the exercise difficulty by placing your feet on a bench, plyo-box, or platform.

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